Sunday, May 24, 2009

The brown blouse that started it all

A year ago, I got the itch to try the Bonfit Bodice Patterner my mom had given me a few years earlier. This was the first piece of clothing I'd made for myself (not counting that sweatshirt in 7th grade sewing class), but I was well pleased with the result, despite the hackneyed approach I took to putting it together.

With the Bonfit system, you take your measurements, adjust a life-sized plastic template accordingly and then trace on paper to create the pattern. You add your own design elements - which can be a good or a bad thing!

I thought the "basic blouse" was a good choice for a first attempt. The fact that the shirt turned out HUGE gave me the opportunity to add some neckline pleats and remove about 7 inches at the side seams. I checked and rechecked my measurements, but I can't imagine that Bonfit really intends for there to be so much ease in a garment. Now, with a little more stitching experience, I may try it again to see whether the error is mine or the pattern system's.

Cap sleeves, self-fabric bias bindings, pleated neckline.

Back enclosure.
The fabric is cotton quilting from Mary Jo's Cloth Store.
I really like this top and wear it all the time. It stands out as an appealing selection in my row of plain t-shirts.

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