Friday, May 29, 2009

Crazy Quilt

I made this (pseudo) crazy quilt for my mom for Christmas. It has 9-inch squares using the same crazy pattern for each block. I used civil war era reproduction fabric gathered from a variety of places over the years. The rest of the pieces are just muslin.

The backing is cream-colored flannel. For the batting I used a natural cotton batting, which seemed fitting for this antique-y quilt.

I used a different fabric for each piece (not including the border) and a different embroidery stitch for each line. Luckily my library had an embroidery stitch encyclopedia. Phew!

This border is called "Prairie Points". You fold the triangle pieces, stick them between the quilt layers, and then topstitch the edge of the quilt. (Easier said than done!)

Finally, I basted and then machine quilted the whole thing.

The patterns for both the blocks and the border are found in this nifty book:

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