Friday, June 5, 2009

Dress and Bloomers

Bwof 7-2008-134. This is meant to be a dress with bloomers, but it's more of a shirt than a dress.

I made this in a size 68 cm (about 6 months) and the neck is a little tight on chubby, 3-month-old Molly, partly due to the pattern and partly due to my error in construction. The instructions for the bodice facing were impossible (for me, anyway!), but I have since made a similar bodice facing with well-written Simplicity instructions, so now I'm sure the instructions would make a little more sense.

Also, the bloomers are so huge and billowy, they're a little ridiculous. Besides being wide, they reach to Molly's ankles, since she's usually bending her knees.

I think the top is worth making again, possibly with a different bloomer pattern.

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