Monday, June 8, 2009


The boys were in desperate need of pajamas. I figured it would actually take me less time to whip up several sets of pjs than to take all the kids out shopping to try to find a good deal on pjs somewhere.

Each of these sets cost less than $4. I got the jersey from fabricmaster for about $1.80 a yard. I thought it'd be worth trying their fabric for that price. However, I definitely do not recommend them since, in this case, you get what you pay for: smelly, poor quality fabric with holes here and there (not kidding). When, with some difficulty, I eventually got hold of them, they promised to replace a certain piece of fabric, but never did.

But I'm really pleased with the results and it was a great chance to work on doing knit neck bindings. The patterns are both from Ottobre. The top is a slim-fitting basic tee from 1-2009-34. The elastic waist leggings are from 1-2009-32.

Posing for pictures in your pjs....feels kind of goofy.

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