Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peasant Dress

Long-sleeve peasant dress from Simplicity 5222 made from cotton bubble gauze.

It's a great pattern, but the directions for the elastic neckline are silly. It has you sew 4 different neckline casings: two for the tops of the sleeves and one each for the front and back, and the suggested amount of elastic makes for a gigantic neckline. I ended up reducing the neck by 7 inches. It would make much more sense to stitch the arms, front and back together first and then make just one casing, allowing you to easily adjust the elastic.

There is also elastic on the sleeves and at the waist.

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  1. i've lost my directions for this pattern, and its out of print! Can you remind me how to make the casing for the waist? Thanks!


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