Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pintuck pants

These are the "Katri" linen pants from Ottobre 1-2009-13 made with turquoise poplin.

The patch pockets are gathered and the hems have 18 (if I remember correctly) pintucks. Yes, pintucks are a little picky, but they were fun to do and worth the effort. This was my first try at pintucks. I did make a little mistake in tucking the length allowed for the pintucks (I think 9 cm) and forgetting to add the hem amount below that. So, the tucks are shorter than they should be. It worked out fine since the pants are supposed to be cropped anyway.

Sara absolutely adores these pants and wears them EVERY SINGLE DAY they are not in the wash. Too bad she only has one shirt to match (besides plain white) - I generally have to put up with the wild clashing that happens when you try to wear turquoise with just about anything.

I asked her if she'd like another pair of these and she said, "Yeah, in the same color." I don't know about that (:

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