Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Capri pants

These pants are one of the last handful of summer things on my list before I dive into sewing for fall.

For a reason only the mind of a 5 year old can comprehend, Sara can wear only skirts and capri pants, thus leaving untouched the nice little pile of khaki and jean shorts in her drawer. Since she sorely needed plain (i.e. coordinate-able) capri pants for those occasions when we leave the house, I made these tan ones. The pattern is the "Audrey" capri pants from Ottobre 3-2009-17. I'm pretty excited because these are my first pair of non-elastic-waist-pants.

If you look closely (please don't) you can see the two sides of the waistband don't match up exactly. The same thing happened on the blouse she's wearing, so that's obviously a detail to work on.
Also, I think I could have used a shorter zipper, he he.

There are two darts in the back and I slimmed the pattern down by two sizes. Overall, I'm very pleased with the fit. However, in the future I will need to lengthen the rise because they are too low in the back when she bends or sits, which she finds really annoying. I've noticed this problem on other pants I've made her, so that may be a standard adjustment in the future.

The fabric is a decent quality cotton quilting fabric from Hobby Lobby. I hadn't intended to buy quilting cotton for these pants, but it was the best of my options at the moment and I actually like the results.

Side vents are a nice detail.

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