Saturday, July 11, 2009

Island Wrap

I made this skirt for a luau hubby and I were attending. With the scraps I made a little tunic for 3 month old Molly. The pattern is from bwof 7-08-115 view A.

You can see a flash of orange when I'm walking - that was an unintentional design detail due to a pattern tracing error. I ended up having to add two center panels I had somehow omitted while tracing. I still haven't figured out what line I traced - I don't know if it belongs to another pattern or to a facing or what. Anyway, some of the fabric had to be from the orange shirt I was making hubby because, alas, I had already cut out a baby tunic from my "scraps".

My 7 year old photographer caught this . . . unique view of me. I think it looks like the back view of a buddhist monk with mile-long arms. So odd. But don't worry, I wear my shirt untucked with this skirt anyway.

The skirt has box pleat on the sides - which I like because you get the look of slits without the large gaps when you walk. I did add two sew-on snaps on the inside because the skirt really did split open to the waist when I walked. Yikes!
I also lined the entire thing (from the waist to the top of the pleats) because the fabric is almost sheer. This took quite a bit more time than I expected with such a simple skirt. I lined each panel separately and then assembled the skirt so the lining wouldn't interfere with the design of the skirt. All the seams inside are mock french seams . . . interesting to do with so many layers.

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