Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Retro dress

After my last failed attempt to make Grace a dress, I'm happy this one fits her. The skirt has 8 gores, a lined bodice and back zip. I slimmed the pattern down 2 sizes, but ended up removing the darts (front and back) and easing the bodice to the skirt to eek out a little more space so it wouldn't be too snug in the tummy. There's plenty of room now, but I had to cover up the irregular little puckers caused by my modification with some fuzzy pink rick rack.
The pattern is from Ottobre 2-2002-16. The instructions happen to be in Finnish for this issue, he he. Although they were kind enough to send me a German translation of the instructions, I ended up winging it (although not as smoothly as I had expected).

There's a little gap at the neckline - the way she's standing is exaggerating that a little. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the pattern (even though I narrowed the pattern by 2 sizes), the way I sewed it, posture, or narrow shoulders. Hmm....
Grace loves this dress and has worn it 4 days straight. She's wearing it now, napping on my lap as I type.

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