Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Square Neck Blouse

I eked the pieces for this shirt out of a large scrap of quilting fabric I had. It's a mental challenge to see the magazine photo of a garment and the blackline drawing of the pattern, and to be able to choose a very different fabric from your stash (or elsewhere) that fits perfectly. I don't know if this fabric fits perfectly, but I love how it turned out.

The pattern is from BWOF 3-2009-134. It's a raglan-sleeve, square neck top with a button placket in the back. The neck is trimmed with lace. The neck was kind of a bugger to do. It was like a two-layer puzzle of trapezoids with a layer of lace sandwiched in the middle.

The verdict? She loves it and has been wearing it with a variety of loudly clashing printed pants and skirts.

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