Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TNT Tee Quest, Part 2

I've dubbed this one "the green monstrosity". The fact of the matter is that my machine can't handle rib knits like this. I've tried all the tricks I've heard of to make smooth hems on regular sewing machines, but to no avail. I still have bell sleeves and ripples. It looks worse in person.

I used the same pattern as the previous tee (Ottobre 2-2006-1), but went up a size. I went up yet another size in upper back and shoulders (tapering back down starting at the armhole) as part of my first experiment with fitting an inverted triangle. Ack! Since the shirt is baggy all over now, and because I used a rib knit (as opposed to the previous cotton/lycra) I can't make a good assessment of the fit alteration. Note to self: use the same fabric when trying to make comparisons.
I'll probably come back to this pattern in the future, but next up is the basic "Lydia" tee from BurdaStyle.

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