Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Army green pants

Alex is thrilled with all the pockets on these pants and I'm thrilled he finally owns a pair of pants that will stay up. I made the pants two sizes slimmer than the size for his height and removed an additional two inches from the waist.

There are a lot of time-consuming details here, but I'm sure when I make these for Peter, they'll go much faster. I procrastinated a bit because I knew the fly zipper was looming, but with the excellent instructions and a small amount of cumulative experience, the zipper went very smoothly. Actually, I think it's easier to make a fly zipper look nice than an invisible zip.

The pattern is from Ottobre 4-2008-33. It calls for buttonholes and snaps on all those pockets, but I opted for metal jeans snaps - a much faster process, and neater, considering my machine's wretched buttonhole stitch.

The fit is perfect - with a little extra length, which I'm sure he'll need before long.

These pants are the first item in the SWAP I have planned for the boys. I have the same material ("Rough Rider" brushed twill from in khaki ready for Peter's pair.

I used a cowboy hat print for the waistband and pocket flap facings. I think that's my favorite part - where can you get that rtw?

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