Friday, August 14, 2009

Chambray Tunic

I really liked this nifty tunic when I saw it in the magazine (Ottobre 5-2008-3). I should have known that it wouldn't suit me as well as the model because I'm not one for belts. I think it would have turned out fine if I had waited until AFTER I'd figured out my shoulder-fitting issues. I have a lot of work to do in that arena, but I'm looking forward to the process because, when I do figure it out, I will finally be able to wear woven shirts with comfort. Comfort is paramount, in my opinion, so I generally wear t-shirts.

I realized early on in the stitching process that the armholes were way too tight and that it was unlikely I'd get a wearable garment (it's a shame because of all those pintucks I'd already done!). So I left off the back zipper, and it's not strictly necessary. I didn't want to overhaul the whole shoulder and armhole area, but I got some space in the armhole by letting out the shoulder seam a bit and then putting the sleeves back on and gathering them less than before. It helped some, but the shirt is still too uncomfortable to wear - the broadcloth has no give whatsoever.

Here's a shot without the belt.
Right now I'm working on a muslin for a basic sleeveless blouse, using some fitting tips from the helpful gals on the Ottobre yahoo group.

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