Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Handicraft is good for the brain

My sister-in-law has just reminded me of the beauty of raising children in a do-it-yourself family. My husband far excels me in this area (he was already recovering furniture and making croissants from scratch in his early twenties). I can see the evidence of this benefit in the way my small kids think. They think mom and dad can do anything (of course, don't all small children think this way?!) My three-year-old daughter is under the impression that I (or grandma or auntie) have made all of her clothes and soft toys and will ask me why I did this or why I didn't put a bow here, and so on.
I was in Hobby Lobby the other day with just the three girls (we had a nice, relaxing time since there were so few of us, he he) and Sara was drawn to some Disney purse making kits. They were, naturally, overpriced and cheap at the same time.
I said something like, "Of course we can make a much better one at home. Maybe a little bird purse." (Thinking of a pattern I have for a bird purse.)
Not good enough. So I asked, "Princess?"
"No," Sara said, "I want a WARRIOR!"
The rest of the shopping trip, the girls were pointing to fancy packages and asking, "Can you make me this, mom? Can we do this at home?" Oh dear.

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