Friday, August 21, 2009

Kukerrus Kimono

This one was great fun to make. Even though Grace gets plenty of hand-me-downs from big sister, I can't avoid making her some fun things.

This is the Kukerrus Kimono from Ottobre 4-2008-12 made with 3 coordinating Marcus Brother cottons from Mary Jo's. I like the precoordinated fabrics; I'm not daring enough to be too creative with combining prints.

It closes with two buttons but has a tie on the inside to help keep it together.

This top is fully lined. You put the shell and the lining each together separately and then sew them right sides together, leaving an opening for turning. But here's the trick: if you're not careful with the sleeves, you'll end up with something like a straitjacket (oops).

The above picture shows how you should NOT sew the sleeves. Do not insert the sleeve lining into the sleeve and sew the hems right sides together.

The right way to do it is counterintuitive. Place the inside out sleeve lining and sleeve hems facing each other, making a sort of sleeve tube, turn out the seam allowances and stitch right sides together.

When done, the two sleeves look like this. If you do it the other way, this is what the top will look like when turned right side out.

Grace thinks photo shoots are for being goofy. I told her, "Let's take some nice pictures first."
"Good job!"
"Okay, now you can be funny."

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