Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pooh and Piglet sunhat

For my birthday a while back, my husband had the two older girls each pick out a half yard of fabric for me. What did I get? Pooh and Piglet and Hello Kitty!

I didn't need any Pooh and Piglet things for myself so I made that half yard into a much- requested sunhat for Grace. I'm still undecided about the Hello Kitty piece.

This pattern is the "Hermione" sunhat from Ottobre 3-2009-4. It's quite simple to make. I've had many of those "aha" moments lately as I've been sewing. "So THAT'S how they do it!" I'm loving the learning curve (most of the time).

The topstitching adds a more professional touch. I suppose it would be more so if it weren't a little wavy.

I think Grace is a little disappointed it's not pink with flowers. But it is so nice to work with non-pink, non-floral fabric once in a while.

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