Friday, August 7, 2009

Swimming in Flowers

I finally decided to stop putting off making this swimsuit. I've had the pattern cut out and fabric purchased for months, but have been trying to overcome my hesitation to make swimwear. If only I had known . . . this took less than an hour to stitch up. I was amazed.

Something that helped me forge ahead was the fact that I was using this horrid fabric - which meant I wouldn't be too disappointed if I ruined it! This spring, when I was searching for the perfect little girls' swimsuit fabrics, I thought I'd let Sara choose one for herself. She thought this one was so beautiful and I couldn't talk her out of it. Of course, after trying the suit on, she told me she'd "changed her mind" about the fabric! And...she has grown since I traced the pattern and the suit is a little tight.

Two lessons learned: 1. Narrow down the child's fabric choices to ones you like. 2. Sew the item soon after you trace the pattern.

That said, I'm very excited about the possibilities for inexpensive custom swimwear for our family. This little suit took about a third of a yard at about $4 a yard. Can you beat that?

I uncrossed the back straps to get a little more length. Plus the suit will be much easier to get in and out of.

After basting the lining pieces to the edges, I stitched the seams with a tiny zigzag stitch. For the armhole and neck edges, I turned under and zigzagged, and turned under and zigzagged again. I did the same thing with the elasticated edges, stitching the elastic (while stretching it) next to the raw edge in the first step.

The pattern is from Ottobre 2-2002-28 which has Finnish instructions. So...I assembled this without instructions. I think that was a good way to go in this instance, because I put my mental efforts toward figuring out how I should assemble the suit rather than toward understanding instructions.

A little silliness.

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