Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Leotard

Last night - once again, the night before their morning gymnastics class - I finished Sara's leotard. It matches Grace's, except I made the side accent stripe in the same fabric rather than use the questionable purple.

Oof. Posture to make an English schoolmarm shudder. But the suit fits nicely anyway.

The pattern is Jalie 2443. I chose the suit size according to her measurements with a little hesitation: size F (toddler 2) for width and size H (4) for girth/torso length. But the pattern is definitely true to size. Gracie's is a straight size F. They have the same waist measurement, hehe!

Grace is pleased her sister has a matching suit.


  1. Aha! I think I'm posting a comment, which is: "Love those Little Misses!" Hug 'em for me, please!

  2. The suits look beautiful. How do you attach the elastic in the legs? I have never sewn on anything Lycra or Spandex because I didn't want tohave to deal with casings....

    Sam in Middle TN

  3. Sam,

    I wouldn't want to do casings on lycra either! Luckily the method here is much nicer and quicker. I first learned this from Ottobre instructions, but it's detailed in this Jalie pattern, too.

    This is how I did it with the sewing machine:

    1. stitch the elastic in a circle
    2. divide both the leg hole and the elastic into quarters with pins
    3. pin the elastic to the inside of the leg hole, matching the quarter markings
    4. zigzag the elastic to (wrong side of) leg hole, stretching elastic evenly
    5. fold under
    6. zigzag again, stretching elastic taut


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