Friday, September 18, 2009

Jean Overalls

Sara has been asking for overalls for more than a year - ever since she grew out of her toddler- sized ones. I haven't seen them in the stores lately, and maybe they're not in style at the moment. But who am I to be deterred by fashion? I bought Ottobre magazine issue 2-2002 specifically for the overall pattern. I've also made a swimsuit and a dress from that issue. The drawback is that the instructions are in Finnish, so I went instructionless.

The tricky part was the side tab closures. They look okay, but gap a bit.

Sara chose the applique (from another Ottobre issue) and the fabrics for it from my scrap bin. The outfit with the applique and denim look as if they're straight from the 1970s.

The denim is very lightweight stuff from Hobby Lobby.

Complete with a hammer loop.

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