Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Gymnast

I finished this teeny leotard last night - just in time for Grace's first preschool gymnastics class. Phew! I was going to make one for Sara, too, but luckily she found a ballerina leotard in her drawer (from Aunt L?) that still fit her.

I had misgivings about it the entire time I was making it - especially about the color of the "accent stripe", but it turned out fine and it actually fits!

The V-shaped back was the trickiest part of the construction - in this case it was simply because I didn't stretch the binding all the way to the end of the neckline and there would have been a gap if I hadn't stitched the back a tad higher.
The pattern is Jalie 2443 and the sizes go from toddler size 2 up through adult sizes. The instructions give you tips on how to sew this without a serger. It does work fine, with practice, but of course the inside seams don't look as neat. Nobody can see those, right?

I'm still not sure about that stripe, but I have a pretty limited stash of lycra fabrics. For Sara's suit (coming up soon) I may just use all one fabric.
The floral print is tactel from Chez Ami, and the purple is nylon/lycra from

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