Saturday, September 26, 2009


This was a fun and easy thing to make after a spate of leotards and many-pocketed pants. It's the "Harava" t-shirt pattern from Ottobre 1-2009-22. The striped jersey is from Chez Ami and the solids are cheap jerseys from elsewhere. Boy what a difference quality makes! (The nice striped fabric was $3.50 a yard, so it doesn't have to break your pocketbook to search for good stuff.)

Peter is ecstatic over his new shirt. He's also wearing some pants I made earlier this year. When he put on this outfit he asked, "Will you PLEEAASSE make me undies?" He apparently wants an outfit that's completely homemade. Sorry, buddy, I have an underwear pattern, but I'm not doing socks.
Then he asked if he could make a separate section in his closet for just the things I've made. "Well, that'll be a very small section of your closet."
"That's okay, I want to do it anyway."
This shirt is item #2 in Peter's Fall/Winter SWAP.


  1. What size shirt did you make? It look great! I like the way you combined the fabric colors.

  2. Thanks! Color coordination is definitely not my forte.

    This is size 128 height and 116 width.

  3. Hi Joy,
    Love the T, and the story. What a lovely way to express his appriciation! For me, it's always so nice to see older boys in their Ottobre garments, because it gives me a look into the future. My boy is 4 now, and there are so many nice clothes waiting for him to be sewed.
    Love the way you combined the fabrics. Also why I love the O patterns. They give you so much versatility.
    Greetings from Holland, Ria

  4. Those are the sweetest comments/compliments he made to you. Gotta love when the kiddos love their momma-made!


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