Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scientific Pants

To match the stripey baby bodysuit, we have some denim overalls. The pattern is called "Puuheppa" overalls from ottobre 1-2009-11.

The elastic leg openings didn't get as tight as they're supposed to be. The elastic is stitched straight to the fabric (rather than snaked through a casing) and it tends to stretch for me. Maybe it'll shrink up in the wash.

Here's a better shot of the applique: a radio telescope. My husband found a black line drawing of this online and I traced the individual pieces onto fusible web and so on.

The whole outfit.


  1. Sorry.... my comment posted on the stripey outfit entry should have gone here, of course.

  2. 80: Yes, I'm sure there aren't very many radio telescope overalls in the world. But I'm sure you can guess who the baby is.


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