Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bell-Bottom Cords

The next installment in Sara's winter wardrobe is a pair of brown corduroy pants - called "Pumpkin pants" in Ottobre 4-2006-22. They turned out a little long and I couldn't hem them much shorter because I'd already done the applique. But she will no doubt grow into them soon.

The patch pockets each have 5 pintucks in them and, let me tell you, my finished pockets don't look quite like the pattern intended. Mine turned out narrower at the bottom, so they look a little silly with the big pocket flaps.

Otherwise, the fit is really good, after I took out about two inches from the sides up to the waist.

The applique design is from LollyChops.


  1. Cute pants! I haven't sewn this pattern yet but my mom made a pair for my middle girl. She had the same problems with the length and ended up taking the flare part off and shortening the straight part of the leg and then resewing the flare.

  2. You did a great job. I love the applique.


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