Monday, November 16, 2009

Cuffed Trousers

After numerous trials on kids' pants - progressing from pajama pants, to elastic waist pants, to trousers with zippers - I have finally made a pair for myself. As I was cutting out and sewing these up, I had pretty low expectations for the outcome, since I've had such trouble fitting shoulders. But, to my surprise, they fit pretty well straight off the pattern and are extremely comfortable.

The pattern is from Burda 4-2009-118. These are pretty basic pants with so-called "witty" patch pockets on the front. I didn't realize how often I used those regular side pockets until I didn't have any. Ah well. I ended up lopping off a total of six inches from the leg length. Ha! That would have made me, what, over 6 feet tall!
After wearing them for several days, I think I may redo the cuffs to make the trousers a tad longer.


  1. My projects for myself never turn out looking this nice. Great job!


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