Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it is purple or pink?

I can't decide what color this purplish pink interlock is, but it's one of the (too many) knits I picked up at the Chez Ami warehouse sale this summer. It's nice and warm for this sweater-style tee-shirt.

The pattern (Ottobre 5-2007-5) indicates that this is a fitted top but, as you can see, it isn't terribly fitted even with a tank underneath.

If I make this again I'll lengthen the sleeves so I can make wider sleeves hems to match the shirt hem.
Also featured are the slightly rumpled Burda cuffed trousers.

I did a slight forward shoulder alteration here. I'm still playing with this alteration, but what I did this time works nicer than the last method I used. This time I slashed from the neckline to the armscye and spread in back and overlapped the same amount in front. This moves the shoulder seam forward and widens the upper back just slightly, while removing some of the extra fabric in front of the armhole. This is smoother, I think, than just widening the back and moving the seam forward. Maybe I'll draw up a diagram in the future when I'm satisfied with how the alteration works for me.

The shirt in action with the smallest member of our family. She loves to sing along when I play.

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  1. That smallest member of the family sure is cute! Sorry haven't been commenting - on your blog or any of the other one thousand in my aggregator. A rare (and slightly suspicious) peaceful moment at home now so I thought I'd grab the chance and type something. Try taking in half to three quarter of an inch all around the armhole. Start at the shoulder but when you get to the bottom of the armscye, keep the same height of that bottom point above the waist (i.e. don't lower it by the half or three-quarter inch also). This means the armscye part will look more curved than before, and with a slightly longer horizontal portion where the bottom of the armscye is. Measure around the new armscye to make sure its circumference still matches the sleeve. That might help with the wide-ish shoulder and help it hug more snugly. Argh, I've just re-read what I wrote and realize there's a huge chance it won't make any sense to anyone reading this. It's hard without a diagram. Hope some of it makes some kind of sense at all.

    P.S. Can't discern the pinkypurpleness of it, either! I remember you had a maternity top that was a similar color. I loved it, but couldn't define the hue either.


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