Monday, November 30, 2009

Neat Beat Pants

After making these very detailed pants for Sara, I felt like doing something basic (and quick). Enter: Neat Beat Pants from Ottobre 6-2009-17. What in the world does "Neat Beat" mean?

They have a flat front yoke and elastic in the back. The pattern is meant for slim sizes, so I didn't alter it at all, although they are still a little baggy.

The denim is super duper stretchy denim from I bought this for jeans for myself, but it's so stretchy I realized it could only be appropriate for denim leggings. My wardrobe simply doesn't have a place for denim leggings right now, so that yardage will turn into little girls' trousers.

I made these jeans-style with double gold topstitching. Neither of my machines (coverstitch or regular sewing machine) liked this stretchy stuff. It was tricky business to stitch semi-straight lines while also trying to prevent a knotted nest of threads from forming.

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