Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Princess Dress

Our family went to the Renaissance Festival on the 31st and Sara was the only one without a costume, so I needed to "whip up" this princess dress. I modified a basic dress pattern (ottobre 4-2006-10) and embellished it just a bit. The boys wore their knights' tunics and Grace wore her droopy-winged fairy dress.

Not wanting to go shopping with so many other things on my plate, I dug through my stash and found some scraps of fancy fabrics and hoped they would go well together. The outer skirt is net and the underskirt seems like a metallic satin. Sadly, after a full days' use, the metallic fabric couldn't hold its own and was ripping apart - not just at the seams but even in the middle of the pieces! Metallic satin and elephant rides don't go together, I guess. (I got to ride the elephant too! Fortunately my clothes stayed intact.) I'll have to replace that skirt with some regular satin.

The bodice seems a little wide, even though I thought I'd slimmed the pattern down two sizes. I'll have to check before I sew it up in a regular dress for this winter.

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