Monday, November 23, 2009

Tiku boatneck

I'm so tired of seeing this green striped shirt, I just had to make Peter another shirt. Today, I went through his closet and discovered that, lo and behold, he does have more than just that one shirt! I asked him, "You have plenty of nice shirts! Why aren't you wearing these other ones, too?" Answer, "They're not as nice as the ones you make." (Thanks, honey, but I'm still tired of lime green...)

This is the Tiku Boatneck Tee pattern from Ottobre 1-2009-20. As I was stitching this up I was thinking I didn't like the neckline - the construction (per the instructions) seemed odd and I couldn't get the neckband pieces to line up perfectly. The instructions have you attach the front neckband to the shirt, then attach the back neckband to the front band at the sides, and then stitch the back band to the back.
But now that it's finished I'm happy with how it turned out, especially with the contrast stitching, and I like the interesting shape of the neckline.

Side vents.
Also featured: Cargo pants which, incidentally, are very uncomfortable to sit in with those snaps in the back. Thus all the squirming in church on Sunday.


  1. Reading about those un-comfortable snaps reminded me of a time I smocked a dress for my daughter. It was a sundress that buttoned down the back. Neck to hem. I thought it was a bright idea to use covered buttons so that they matched the dress....Big mistake. Baby girl couldn't sit without getting a button in the butt. Sounds funny now....but back then, I felt pretty silly after realizing my mistake. I still have that dress...and she's 23!

    I like the shirt. Handsome kid!


  2. Off Topic for this post - but I didn't see an email for contact...sorry to pester you have a Cover Stitch Machine? I have a few other questions about one/them - but I'll wait for an email...



  3. Striped shirts are so popular right now, especially ones such as this!


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