Thursday, December 17, 2009


I picked these up (technically, they came to me) during Chez Ami's ridiculous $2.50/yd. sale.

3 interlock knits, 2 rib knits

1 green striped microfiber (boys' swim trunk material), 3 tactel (swimsuit material)

2 jerseys and 1 cotton lycra. The offensively bright one on the left was Alex's choice. I couldn't decide between a couple of nice jerseys and called him in to the computer to help me decide. He spotted this one and fell in love. However, I've since seen the same red and blue stripe made up by someone else into a nice hoodie, so I think it'll turn out all right.

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  1. Lovely fabric!!! But I was hoping to see the giant pile of togas and capes. :)


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