Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Neat Beat in Pink

I made another pair of these "Neat Beat" pants for Grace this time, but had to downsize the pattern to size 98. She was so pleased that she tackled me with a hug and knocked me over when I knelt down to help her try them on.

The fabric is a really nice stretch pinwale cord from But I'm thinking I'll need to stop using pinwale corduroy for pants, seeing as these pants aren't holding up too well in the knees.

I like the flat front waistband on these....
...with the comfy, easy-on elastic waist back.


  1. Seems the modeling routine, for Grace, is down "pat" too! Very cute. I love the pink.


  2. These pants are adorable! I love them and just wanted to let you know that checking out your sewing makes me want to sew the very same patterns! :)
    Natalie from Ottobre list


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