Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orvokki means Pansy

There's your Finnish word of the day.

This is the Orvokki Jersey Blouse from Ottobre 1-2009-18. It has double sleeves and both the back and front are shirred and gathered to the yokes.

Also featured are the "Pumpkin Pants", which I decided to shorten after all.

Sara's gotten used to this posing bit. As soon as I snap a photo of the front view, she turns for a side view photo and then for the back. Very funny.


  1. Oh mine do the same thing, they just keep making quarter turns until I tell them to stop, too funny.

  2. maybe there is a modeling carreer in her future! You never know! I have a freind that has 2 boys - a local shop asked her if her boys could model for some local cable adds......that was 12 years (maybe) ago. The youngest of the boys...Joey. He models professionally now. He just came back from China & spent months & months there. Booked for some modeling on a cruise ship next.

    I love the pink. I am currently working on a pink & brown QUILT for my Sarah. MY Sarah is just a little older than yours!



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