Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

Next year maybe I'll do embroidered names instead of Post-it notes...
And this picture reminds me that I need to get a photo of all five kids together, and not just their stockings.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Neat Beat in Pink

I made another pair of these "Neat Beat" pants for Grace this time, but had to downsize the pattern to size 98. She was so pleased that she tackled me with a hug and knocked me over when I knelt down to help her try them on.

The fabric is a really nice stretch pinwale cord from But I'm thinking I'll need to stop using pinwale corduroy for pants, seeing as these pants aren't holding up too well in the knees.

I like the flat front waistband on these....
...with the comfy, easy-on elastic waist back.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I picked these up (technically, they came to me) during Chez Ami's ridiculous $2.50/yd. sale.

3 interlock knits, 2 rib knits

1 green striped microfiber (boys' swim trunk material), 3 tactel (swimsuit material)

2 jerseys and 1 cotton lycra. The offensively bright one on the left was Alex's choice. I couldn't decide between a couple of nice jerseys and called him in to the computer to help me decide. He spotted this one and fell in love. However, I've since seen the same red and blue stripe made up by someone else into a nice hoodie, so I think it'll turn out all right.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Jeans for the Boy

Alex has been begging me to make him jeans for about six months. I've been gearing myself up for them, but in reality they weren't any more challenging than some of the other boys' pants I've done. The addition of the coin pocket and the rivets make them the real thing.
I used Ottobre's "Guitar Jeans" pattern from 4-2008-28, but slimmed it by two sizes. This is kid is solid, but very straight and narrow. Unfortunately, I may still need to open up the back waistband and add some elastic so they don't keep inching down.
This is a slim-fitting jeans pattern anyway, which I was looking for. Ottobre's patterns seem to be a little looser fitting in general.

This was my first try at rivets, and after the first one went in backwards and got mangled in the process, I gave my husband a shot at it. He did three and showed me how incredibly easy it is. I was trying too hard, I guess. His method: make a hole with the seam ripper. Poke the stem through. Place the base onto the stem by hand. Squeeze with snap pliers. This worked well even though I didn't have any sort of rivet tool.
I searched all over the internet for jeans rivets. I finally found some small packages of them locally at Mary Jo's Cloth Store.
Grommet Mart (love that name!) also sells packages of 100 pieces for about $13.

Slimming the pants as much as I did moved the coin pocket over almost to the side seam. I'll have to remember to compensate for that in the future.
The pockets seem so low. I guess that's how they make 'em these days. (Or, in this case, that's how I make 'em.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orvokki means Pansy

There's your Finnish word of the day.

This is the Orvokki Jersey Blouse from Ottobre 1-2009-18. It has double sleeves and both the back and front are shirred and gathered to the yokes.

Also featured are the "Pumpkin Pants", which I decided to shorten after all.

Sara's gotten used to this posing bit. As soon as I snap a photo of the front view, she turns for a side view photo and then for the back. Very funny.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In our house, only dolls wear nightgowns

I don't object to nightgowns in principle, but in practice. There's nothing like extricating yourself from a long twisted tube of fabric in the middle of the night.

However, dolls don't have this problem.

I took a short break from my list of sewing projects when Sara was digging (and cutting) through my scrap bin and begged for a doll dress.

A while back, my mom made this doll and a little wardrobe for Sara and then gave me the hand-drawn patterns. Hmmm....I think the nightgown pattern runs a little big. I don't think she'll grow into it.

After I made this bright bedwear, Sara eagerly dressed her doll, grabbed the camera and posed the doll in the corner for a photoshoot.

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