Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pies and Bars

Pies and Bars sound a lot more tasty than boring statistics. Since our family just moved halfway across the country (1600 miles) and are living temporarily at the in-laws' and I have no access to my machines for a while, I thought it'd be fun to do some (over)analyzing of the past year's sewing. The stats include 91 apparel items, but do not include 34 non-apparel items (couch cushion covers, toys, doll bedding, banners, etc.)

I wish I knew how to make these bigger, but you should be able to enlarge by clicking.

Garment Type

Pattern Used


Month Sewn


  1. That is a lot of sewing. Are you making most of your children's clothes?

  2. Oh Goodness! i think if I analized my sewing, I'd see how much I was NOT accomplishing. I waste way too much time in front of the TV & the computer.......Seems though, that when my girls were younger I got WAY MORE sewing done then I do now........Why is that? You are quite the finisher!


  3. kbenco: The answer is, yes, I'm trying to make most of my children's clothes...however, my husband does occasionally threaten to go buy some essential piece of clothing that I haven't gotten to yet.


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