Thursday, January 28, 2010

Too Many Trades?

As a Jill-of-all-trades married to a Jack-of-all-trades, sometimes I have to consciously avoid learning how to do and make new things. My mom once told me I'd do better at one thing if I didn't try to do so many things.

I know our 9-year-old inherited this creative urge something awful. Since we're not living in our home right now and don't have much of our own stuff, his creative outlets have gotten a little plugged. He came to me the other night, almost frantic, "I just need to MAKE something!!!!" He disappeared and I discovered him a while later in the kitchen constructing some kind of umbrella out of toothpicks and aluminum foil.

Anyway, I'll blame it on boredom, but I gave in and let my mom teach me how to knit. It's addicting! I went out the next day and bought my own set of needles and two balls of yarn, hubby's mockery notwithstanding.

Molly quickly learned to appreciate the art.

If you don't knit, you may not know that knitting is essentially combining two different kinds of stitches to make different patterns. I've been using the Library of Knitting Stitch Patterns as a resource for making this sampler scarf for my 5 year old:

Above is the pattern "squares in squares".

Above you can just barely see diagonal steps.

Not one to avoid unrealistic challenges, I decided to make hubby a scarf for his birthday in 3 days. Do you think I'll finish?


  1. Yes, knitting is addicting. :) And yes, you can finish the scarf in time.

  2. It depends if you want to eat or sleep....I think knitting is very soothing and a great project to keep in your handbag.

  3. I just picked up knitting myself! It is very peaceful. Good luck on that scarf!!


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