Wednesday, February 3, 2010

21 Wale Cord Jumper

Since I won't see my sewing machines again until approximately 25 days and 4 hours from now, I thought I'd do a series reveling in some things other people have made. Exactly two (2) of my family members regularly stitch amazing things with precise attention to detail. (Did I inherit that precision? Apparently not.)

First up is this pinafore jumper my mom made for Grace for Christmas. The pattern is from Ottobre 4-2009-11 with quite a bit added to the length.

I love this brown paisley cord. Well, I love any corduroy, of course, but the brown tones are nice and subdued in contrast to the light and fluffy pinks Grace usually chooses.

Pockets with buttoned flaps.
Back zip, which certainly could be omitted.


  1. Oh Joy, 1 hour is too long not to be with a machine, let alone 604. Poor you. I offered the spare Singer (lives under our stairs with the Christmas stuff and old tins of paint) to your husband to help you in your time of er.. want but he said his mother probably had one in her basement ie your basement. Very cryptic use of generic family member titles and house referrals, eh? Anyway, clearly neither sewing machine is being used, so if you'd still like the spare Singer, I'd be happy to take it out, shake the dust off, check that it's working, lay hands and cast out a couple tension demons or so, and send it along. Want?

    Cute jumper, by the way! Your mom is awesome!

  2. What a lovely pinafore. My mother is an excellant seamstress too but is too busy weaving, spinning and making baskets to show me anything!
    Imagine you know LiEr!I found her blog last night, she's very talented.

  3. Cute! I love the countdown to the hour. I know that is exactly how I would feel if I were machine-less!

  4. Hi Joy, I've got an award waiting for you on my blog.


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