Thursday, February 11, 2010

21 Wale Cord a la Ikat Bag

Continuing with my series featuring other people's work while I am machine-less....

These fabulous skirts are Ikat Bag originals, Christmas gifts from Aunty L.

I managed to scrounge up coordinating and matching shirts for the photo shoot. Generally, the girls prefer something equally interesting on top (stripes, flowers, polka dots ...).

Don't you love the fabric and the rick rack? I recently saw the flowered cord at, if you're interested.


  1. OMGoodness! The outfits are SO cute! Ah, I wish I had girls to sew for........maybe soon (probaly shouldn't say that - neither is expecting) That cord is too cute.

    I used to dress my girls the same all the time. Much easier to keep track of them that way. They balked at it after my oldest (Sarah) was about 10. I was fortunate that it lasted THAT long, I suppose.


  2. The rick-rack which YOU gave me years ago for a birthday gift, I might add. Lovely. It was just waiting for some lollipoppy print to embellish before making its way back to you!


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