Friday, February 19, 2010

Reefer Coats

My mom made these coats for the boys for Christmas. They're pretty sharp, aren't they? I've enjoyed seeing them wear them out and about and have been getting more "Are they TWINS?" comments than usual. Yes, same size. No, not twins.

Yes, it's too cold here for fall/spring jackets, but since we just moved to a freezing climate from a warm climate, the boys haven't adjusted to wearing all that bulk just to stay warm.

About face! Turn left!

The pattern is from Ottobre 5-2006-20. It's lined, as you can see, and has welt pockets. My mom also added inner "secret" pockets. I'm not sure if those are in the pattern or not, but the boys sure love those.

The horse coat was a test version my mom made this fall. Very few boys get to wear embroidered corduroy, huh?


  1. Great coats! I've been considering using that pattern to make one for my son. It'll have to wait until fall though.

    How far apart are your boys? I used to get asked if my 2 younger girls were twins (they are a little over 2 years apart) because they were the same height. M (the older one) has had a bit of a growth spurt over the last few months and has gained a couple of inches over her little sister.

  2. very sharp coats - the lining with the animals is fabulous - what a great lining for a boy.

  3. beachgirl--they're 17 months apart. #2 caught up to #1 recently and now they take turns having growth spurts. That means no more hand-me-downs!


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