Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wooden People with Stringy Hair

The landscape is barren and white and the air is below freezing. We still have ONE more week until we move from our "temporary housing situation" (thank you, in-laws) to our new home. What to do with ourselves?
One trip to Hobby Lobby was worth about 4 days of kid-occupying creativity.
I bought:
wooden clothespins
3 fabrics
2 yarns

The girls loved the activity, of course, but I was surprised that the boys really got into it. Alex was designing dresses and Peter took clothespin dolls to a new level as you can see in the photo of the mummies.

The span of the kids' ages (3-9) made for an amusing assortment of doll details.

I think this guy is my favorite.

This one's labeled "M.r Mesy"

Once someone thought of adding a bellybutton, all the dolls acquired belly buttons, some of them inconveniently placed.

This is something I amused myself with as a child, but recently my sister-in-law reminded me of the idea when she made a Little Wooden Doll Kit for a refreshingly unconventional birthday present.


  1. Such a great way to amuse the children. I'm sure this would work well at a birthday party too. Thanks for reminding me too, I'll try and remind someone else!

  2. I only found your blog today and have really enjoyed reading back through the posts and seeing all the great things you have made.
    Love how creative you all are as a family.


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