Monday, April 19, 2010

Daisy Baby

I made this dress and bloomer set for a gift, but Molly was willing to model it for me. I should say, she was willing to model it on her own terms which means perpetual motion.

You know those photographers who specialize in photos of newborns in flower pots and butterfly suits? I'm sure those amazing productions involve a lot of skill and artistry which I know nothing about, but those photos all have one thing in common: the subjects are SLEEPING. I wonder how many photographers prefer one year olds?

The dress is the Alicia dress from Ottobre 3-2009-5 and the bloomers are from Ottobre 3-2009-2.
Hmmm, what's under there?

This is the best shot I could get of the inverted pleats on the front.


  1. What a pretty outfit and Molly is so cute!...I have the same problem, but on the double! Unless I wedge my girls into chair together, there is no way I can photograph them together anymore.

  2. Lovely outfit and cute model. Just wait until they start 'posing'. At least Molly looks completely natural - James acquires a strained smile that makes him look as if he has a gun at his back.


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