Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Pants

I have three girls and didn't have the inclination (read: time) to make any sort of Easter dresses. But I do desperately need fitting pants, so these were on the short list, whatever the season.

These are a remake of this pair which at first I thought were extremely comfortable, but became more and more uncomfortable as I wore them because they are too tight in the waist and didn't stretch. I made the mistake of thinking they were a little baggy and taking them in slightly, forgetting that when I sat down I might want a little wearing ease.
I've worn these all day (as you can see) and they remain comfortable with just the right amount of wearing ease. (As an aside, I'm standing in front of one of my next sewing projects: hemming curtains. And yes, that's a sock on the floor.)
The fabric is the wrong side of a very light weight twill. I didn't do this so much because I'm a fashion genius, but because as I was laying the fabric out I kept thinking, "I really like this fabric, but I can't tell what it is. It looks like a soft linen." Then I flipped it over to the right side and realized, oh, it's just a boring twill. So I used the side I liked better.

The pattern is Burda Magazine 4-2009-118/119 without cuffs and with back pockets added. I stitched a straight 34, except added 2cm to the crotch length - I'm not sure that's the perfect amount but it made a huge different in fit and comfort-level.

Oh, and one more note. I referred to Sandra Betzina's fly zip tutorial with great success. It's brilliant. Next time, though, I'll change two things:

1. Flip the zip to a right hand opening, instead the official women's left hand opening. All of my RTW pants open to the right (and I only buy women's pants!), so that is much more natural.

2. Figure out a way to add the fly shield. I just did a quick search and see that Debbie Cook's tutorial includes a fly shield.


  1. Wow, They look perfect. Great work.... I never even noticed the curtain hem or the sock!
    PS. I don't do easter dresses either.

  2. They look awesome! I've had this design on my list for, what a year now?? I must make these pants! I love the Betzina zipper. There was an article for how to add a fly shield in a Threads from a couple of years ago (Jan '07).


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