Friday, April 30, 2010

Got Rivets?

Jean rivets are hard to come by - I've only seen them once in a local store far, far from where we live now. I bought several packages, but still I lived in constant fear of running out. Until now...

Take the need to buy a lot of grommets (for a house project involving canvas, grommets, cord, and a railing, which is too boring to warrant much mention), and my love of buying things in bulk, and you get: Grommet Mart. Happily, this store could also be called "Rivet Mart" since it also sells jean rivets in bulk. These rivets are the real deal. If I want to, I can even have my own logo stamped on them (for a fee...).


  1. Wow! Awesome resource! Thanks for sharing! I'm getting tired of those weird Dritz silver ones that look nothing like RTW.

  2. Brilliant! I was only thinking today that I could really do with some rivets. And that's not something I ever thought I'd be writing...

  3. I also love buying things in bulk (I just bought 300 zippers), so I think I need to get some of these! Thanks for the link.

  4. Now that is useful info, Joy. Thanks! I used to buy my hardware in bulk in Singapore. Never grommets, though. And I always wondered what to do when I needed hardware here with no air ticket bought for the next half a year. Then I found

    and I was happy.

    But that is in Hong Kong. Ah well. Now there is Grommet Mart! Hurrah!


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