Friday, May 28, 2010

Cargo Pants: Denim Edition

I made another version of these pants (Ottobre 1-2004-24), this time for Alex. He chose the fabric himself from a big pile of denim remnants at Mill End Textiles. He knew just the look he was going for, I guess. Including the snap and zip, the price tag on these was about $3 (no tax).

You know, I just remembered a beautiful thing about living in Minnesota: there's no tax on apparel fabric, because clothing is not taxed. The last time I bought fabric in Fargo (wonderful city, especially in the dead of winter), I looked at my receipt and estimated I paid about 9% in sales tax.

A view of the nice wrap-around-the-side pockets and of the get-him-through-next-fall-and-winter length, currently rolled up.
Some snappy trivia: I use snaps instead of buttons on my boys' pants, because I figure they're so much easier than buttons for small hands to work - plus they're quicker for me to install. But I've been frustrated at trying to get even the larger (size 24) metal (jersey) snaps to fasten tightly through the layers of thick fabric. So I've started using the anorak snaps that came with my Prym Vario Snap Kit (they're sold separately, too). They look much the same on the outside, but the guts are much much sturdier than the jersey-snap prongs.

He's ecstatic about these jeans, so of course I'm happy (:

Recognize the "8" birthday shirt from not quite two months ago? I don't think it'll last till his 9th birthday.

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  1. I love these trousers...the pocket really makes them...I must try the snaps..I have some of the anorak snaps, but have never used them, Thanks for the tip.


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