Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Jacket Shaped Blanket

Pictures can't convey the coziness of this fabric. Maybe someday we'll be able to send touch (and smell!) electronically. We're so limited with only sight and sound, aren't we? Anyway, this is Land's End polar berber fleece I bought at Mill End Textiles back in January.

The pattern is Burda 1-2010-105. I didn't smooth out the collar for the photo, so it's a bit rumply, but it's not perfect anyway. Doing collars in fleece is tricky since the fuzziness obscures your view as you're stitching and it's hard to unpick wayward seams without destroying the fabric.
I like the seam lines, even though you can't see them too well in this fabric. The pockets are quite shallow because of their in-seam placement, which puts them so close to the center front.

1.25 yards of fleece at $3.29/yd plus $1.99 for the zip = $6.10 for a very satisfactory jacket.


  1. cutest jacket ever!!! I love the fleece. I don't think I have ever seem that kind of fleece before. Simply wonderful!!!!!!!!!

  2. I saw this in person on Sunday! Very nice!

  3. Oh very cute - that looks like something I could do with .. it's getting so chilly here now.

  4. Lovely jacket..very useful! It's very nice with the side seams and pockets where they are...I have several rtw jackets like this.

  5. Much more flattering than a blanket!It does look super warm and cosy, the waist shaping is nice to find in a fleece jacket pattern, all my patterns seem really boxy.


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