Monday, May 24, 2010

Not More Khaki!

Thanks to Sam, who kindly gave me her surplus copy of this Ottobre issue, I had an excuse to sew more khaki pants! But that's it for a while; I'm ready for some color.

The boys are always in need of pants and I like the pockets on these (Ottobre 1-2004-24).

You can see the pockets wrap around from front to back and are divided with topstitching at the sides.

They're baggy even though I slimmed them two sizes compared to the length. These should fit him throughout the fall and winter, if he doesn't wear them out first.

Tabs at the leg hems are there to secure the cuffs when they're rolled up. There's a button on the inside of each hem.


  1. Oh very nice. I love how you do practical kids clothes but with those little 'designer' details.


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