Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now for some color!

This is the Lydia t-shirt, a BurdaStyle download. I think this is the 4th time I've made it. I made this one because I wanted a quick t-shirt and this pattern was a known entity. I really like the shape, but still want to keep trying for an even better fit. Although I made my usual Burda size, the shirt seems a size or two too big and gapes at the back armhole if I move my arm forward, as if the armscye is just too big there - kind of like a 1980's t-shirt.

I have my eye on several other t-shirt patterns, and I may try to draft my own with my mother's day gift ... what? an automatic drafting machine? No, a book.


  1. It fits well and the colour is lovely on you. I can see what you mean about the armscye. Have you ever tried OW #3 2/2007? I have made a couple of variations on it, never the plain T-shirt, but they all fit really well. Good luck with the drafting...

  2. Millie, I remember you've gotten good results from that pattern - of course, that's an issue I dont' have (:

  3. That IS a nice shape! And blue is very nice! I wish they would sell automatic drafting machines on amazon or somewhere. Which book was it?


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