Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plaid Peasant Dress

It's not quite warm enough here to wear summery dresses, but it's not too early to make 'em.

This one's the popular Burda 5-2009-114. Many of the reviews I read mentioned the great idea of removing the back zip - although it's not a great idea for me. I prefer the inconvenience of zipping over peeling my clothing on and off. Otherwise, the fit is pretty good. I think it's much slimmer fitting than the typical peasant dress style.

I used eyelets for the ties instead of buttonholes - much more professional looking. I love my Prym Vario snap kit. Incidentally, the tie is merely decorative for me since I don't require any extra cinching of the fabric around the rib cage. Apparently the pattern is intended for those with less lung capacity, poor things.

The skirt is cut on the bias, which not only gives it a different look, but also feels different as you're wearing it. It doesn't have any side to side give because the stretch is going up and down. Strange.

I did a small forward shoulder adjustment on the raglan sleeves to test in fabric what was my theory on paper. I searched high and low and couldn't find this adjustment described anywhere - some even say it isn't necessary on raglan sleeves. Ha!
Well, I sat up late in bed with a yellow legal pad and sketched the poor jumbled thoughts that were in my head. The results are satisfactory, but I want to test it again in a knit and in a woven without an elastic-gathered neckline.


  1. This is a great dress! My subscription started just after this month, but I've seen so many pretty things from this issue. I think I need to start hunting Ebay...

  2. It looks great on you...a perfect fit..the skirt on the bias looks lovely.

  3. Very pretty, but much more grown up looking than most peasant style dresses. It is interesting that the stretch on the skirt is up and down.


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