Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stretch Twill for Summer

This is the second pair of khaki capri pants I made for myself this week, but you get to see only one. Someday I'll dig out the other pair from the ball they're in and salvage the fabric for some small person pants. They fit well. The zipper went in nicely. Sadly, my serger ate them and, unlike sewing machines, sergers have knives. My first Mrs. Stylebook garment will have to make its debut another time.

I put the disaster aside and tried an entirely different pattern - this time Ottobre 2-2002-40.
I suppose this style might be a little dated, since the pattern's 8 years old - yet not old enough to be vintage, heh! But I think it turned out all right, except the back pockets seem a little large.

I used a nice stretch twill ($1.99/yd with coupon) from Mill End Textiles plus a random zipper from a HomeSew zipper assortment, which makes these $3 pants. The top is the very first garment I made for myself two years ago. I still wear it, even though I laugh at its quirky construction.

The front pockets are interesting, but not as easy to use as normal side pockets.

I embroidered the hems to reduce the bore factor a little.


  1. Cute and versatile! Isn't it fun to look back over your older projects and see how far you've come?

  2. Those are cute! Very jealous about MillEnd. You know how people never appreciate the things they have when they have them? (Like, how despite living in NYC for several years, I never no not ever once saw the Statue Of Liberty) When I lived in my *real* home (that would be StPaul) the only thing I ever used MillEnd for was to maybe get some quilting fabric for cheap and once I made a couch cover. The end. ARGH! Now I have no decent fabric stores nearby and definitely no cheap ones.

    You wanted to know all that, right? Of course you did. I'm so fascinating.

    Sorry. Those are CUTE pants!

  3. I think your capris look great! I especially like the front pockets. Sorry about your serger eating the other pair of khakis.

  4. I hope your serger didn't bite you too int he process of eating the other pair of pants?? Mine did that too, on more then one occasion, but everytime it did that, itw as MY fault. I left pins in the fabric....I have learned. Good thing that old serger I used (cut my teeth on so to speak) was a W/M jobbie. Now I have a real one & it just purrs....but, likely not while chewing pins.....

    Reallty nice capri's!


  5. Lovely capris. I really need to make myself some. You have inspired me to buy some fabric for myself! It won't be $1.99 where I live though!

  6. They are very nice capris- and you must have a thrifty glow from bargain fabric finds :). The front pockets are a cute detail, such excellent topstitching.
    I hope you let your serger redeem itself, how evil of it to use the cutter in the wrong spot.


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