Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Billowy Burda Blouse

My newest blouse (Burda 7-2009-130) moved my husband to tears. Laughter-induced tears, that is.
I, myself, was fairly surprised that Burda decided to put gigantic gathered sleeves on wide dropped shoulders, which was not at all evident in the pattern photo.
The effect is impressive when the wind catches it just right.

The question I'm posing to the general public is: is it that bad? Should I cut off the sleeves and make the shoulder narrower? Or remove bulk from the sleeves - or both? I really like this fabric - dotted swiss from

Pondering life with poufy sleeves.


  1. Wow, I really love the blouse, but those sleeves are a bit much. Maybe if you shortened and elasticized them to tame them a bit? The fabric is beautiful and the shirt fits you well.

  2. Could you gather the sleeves to a thin cuff? 2 of the blouses I made for my teenage daughter recently have mid forearm gathered sleeves, and they look lovely on her (I would not have picked the pattern feature, but I was wrong)
    Your blouse looks so pretty in the bodice.

  3. I would shorten and gather the sleeves with elastic or a narrow cuff and see how that goes. Like, very short, almost cap. The mid-arm is a good look too (I have several like that, but only because my arms are not allowed to blind the general public by being exposed-- you don't really have that problem). Otherwise it's cute! (And never listen to husbands, they are goofy at best.)

  4. I second kbenco's opinion...gather the sleeves into a narrow cuff. Then you will have a poet's blouse, which is meant to be billowy.

  5. Joy,
    I've really been enjoying your sewing blog. I just found it a few weeks back and have been very inspired! I love the blouse, but those sleeves are a bit much. I think I'd like it with cap sleeves.

    Hope you and yours and doing well. Our Matthew will be coming to MN for college in the fall!

  6. Stylewise, nothing would surprise me about Burda's decisions. Cute fabric, cute top - nothing wrong with a little fullness in a peasant style top.

  7. Okay I am clearly in the minority but I really like it! Gathered and ruffled and frilly are in so I think the overstated sleeves are fitting and a fresh take on the look! But that is just me. I was never afraid to wear things that looked different.

  8. What about an angel wing sleeve?

  9. Yes, I made that blouse too and shoved in the bottom of a drawer immediately! Why on earth did they put ease in sleeves on a dropped shoulder? I ended up looking like I had lumps growing out of the tops of my arms! Mine too is waiting for a refashion.

  10. Honestly...I'd narrow the shoulders and shorten the sleeves somehow. That's mainly because anything I've had with wide sleeves has been a failure when trying to do anything with children. The bodice and fabric are lovely.


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