Sunday, June 27, 2010

Draft #1 part 2

Here's version 2 of the t-shirt I drafted earlier this month. I did a forward shoulder alteration to the basic block (sloper) and the fit in the front and shoulders is much better. There are some wrinkles in the bust area - too much fabric? Maybe I can take care of some of that by playing with the shape of the armscye.
In the back there are these diagonal wrinkles from the neckline to the arm hinge (don't you love that sewing term?). I'm thinking I added too much to the back in my alteration or I need to narrow the shoulders a tad. I have this cotton/lycra blend in one more color, so you can look forward to one more iteration.
It's not perfect when I overanalyze it, of course, but I'm really happy that these shirts fit better than any RTW ones I have and I've been wearing them constantly.


  1. shoot, just lost my whole comment. So here's the abrupt version:

    1) I like this shirt.
    2) to fix the back, imagine what you would need to do to get the wrinkles to go away... i.e. pulling down on the center back (assuming you cut across the shoulders) would remove the wrinkles. Therefore, my guess is you need to add to the length of the body of the shirt between the back portion of the armscye (in other words, slash the pattern of the back from armscye to armscye and drop it down by however much extra you need... maybe 1"?)

    It seems like that's saying to lengthen the armscye, but it's not really (as far as I know). It's more like lengthening the shoulder/upper back area.

    Or, if you think "helpful" hints from commenters is annoying (well, sometimes they are, after all) then just completely ignore all that. :-)

  2. bean-I think I get what you mean (cut to, but not through, the armscye)and I had not thought of that before. Now I have more pondering to do...

    I love knowing other drafting nerds.


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