Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dragon Head

He looks miserable and he is; plus he's trying not to squint in the bright sun. I made this shirt as a special treat for Peter after an MRI procedure last week. And this photo was taken this morning after he spent the wee hours of the morning in the ER. Crohn's is an ugly disease and we're still in the early stages of learning to manage it. But it's a bright, sunny day after a week of rain and that's cheering!

A stenciled t-shirt is one way to acknowledge the Viking blood coursing through one's veins - and it's more socially acceptable than piracy. Peter chose this dragon head out of a Dover Publications book of Viking stencils. Dover has quite a few neat stencil books.

I used the Jalie men's t-shirt pattern (#2918) which goes from toddler to men's sizes. It's a slimmer/athletic fitting shirt. I actually made hubby a long-sleeved version a few weeks ago, and I like the fit on that, too. I don't know when I'll finagle a picture of that one (:


  1. Good luck with that photo of your husband!
    Poor Peter...I'm sure a hand-made T-shirt with a dragon head on it might help a little (if not a lot). I presumed you had bought the T-shirt and stenciled it. Sending best wishes your way.

  2. Hey I like that dragon! I have that pattern and haven't tried it yet. Must give it a go. I hope that your week continues to be sunny.

  3. arrrrgh. I mean, oh there ya go I like that dragon then.

    (You totally can hear that, right? Right.)

    That's a great-looking t-shirt! Sorry to hear he's not feeling well this week, I hope it's a short-lived bout.

  4. Super cool dragon. Nice fitting shirt, too. I need to start looking into these Jalie patterns - they seem to fit really well. I assume they're the kind you'd trace rather than cut? Much sympathy for Peter - management of Crohn's must feel like a full-time job.

  5. I love this t-shirt. The colors, the dragon, just perfect!

  6. Kathryn - yes, you trace the Jalie patterns. But unlike Burda or Ottobre, none of the pattern lines overlap; seam allowances are included; and there's only one pattern (with variations) per envelope.


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